So…the next time you’re in Bourgogne…

In 2007 we had the great  fortune of traveling with some good friends through Belgium and France. It would be our friends first time in France, and our first time exploring the French countryside without a business agenda to tend to.

I think that planning a trip is almost as much fun as getting on the plane and actually leaving, and for this particular journey, we planned for several months. Food and wine played a large role in our wish list and, given all logistics, the Burgundy region of France seemed like a good area to explore. I was responsible for lodging and spent many happy hours perusing hotel web sites. Finally though, I struck gold with This site is a great resource if you’re looking for small, out of the way inns. The one we chose, Auberge La Beursaudiere, seemed too good to be true…it’s a few centuries old and the rooms are around a courtyard.

Photo of Auberge La Beursaudiere

There are only 11 rooms, each uniquely decorated. This was the view from our bathroom…you had to open the wooden shutters to see it:



And this is the little terrace outside our friends’ room. In the early evening we would ask the staff to bring us a bottle of local wine…they always added a little amuse bouche to go with it.

 Europe 07-April 068

So, aside from the price, the charm, the wine and the scenery, this inn also had a wonderful restaurant. The little town of Nitry was pretty dull, but this place was packed every night. They served regional fare…think sophisticated country food. My favorite dish was ouefs en meurette–eggs baked in red wine. Here’s a recipe from a cookbook my friends bought for me in Burgundy:

8 eggs

1/4 lb bacon, minced

1/2 bottle red wine

1 1/2 tsp butter

1 onion, minced

3 shallots, minced

1 bouquet garni

1 baguette


salt and pepper

Make a roux of the butter and flour. Add the bacon, bouquet garni, wine, 1/3 cup water, onion and shallot, salt and pepper to taste.

Cook for 30-40 minutes.

Remove bouquet garni and strain sauce.

Fill four individual ovenproof baking dishes 2/3 full of sauce. Break 2 eggs into each. Bake at 375 until whites are cooks and yolks are still liquid. (check after 15 minutes).

Serve with sliced baguette rubbed with garlic



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9 responses to “So…the next time you’re in Bourgogne…

  1. Hello–This post and the following comments were originally on my other blog. I moved them over here where they should’ve been in the first place.

    The Unbearable Banishment:
    Actually, I didn’t realize you could BAKE eggs until just last month!

    I agree. The anticipation is almost as satisfying as the trip itself.

    August 16, 2009 at 2:08 am · Edit It’s a indeed a good friend with whom you can happily travel. Travelling can bring out the weirdness in people. I’ve got my travelling buddies and my stay at home friends … well categorised.

    August 16, 2009 at 6:22 am · Edit I think you might like Mitsumasa Anno’s book, “Anno’s journey” to remind you of the lovely architecture and countryside.

    • UB–The eggs in this dish turn a lovely purple color. Delicious.

      Ellie–You are so right. I have friends I wouldn’t even get in the car with, much less an airplane.

      Denise–Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check it out.

  2. Julie Fisher–
    This blog posting reminded me of a favorite poem, “Ithaca” by Constantine P. Cavafy. It is indeed the going rather than the arriving that is the essence of travel. Of course the stuff we come back home with is pretty wonderful, too–like your great-sounding recipe and the friends you still like on the way back home.

  3. Niece Lash

    Maybe I’m dense, but what is a “bouquet garni?” Beautiful inn and I love the pictures! Wooden shutters!!!

    • Lash, it’s a bundle of fresh herbs tied together in a bundle or wrapped in cheesecloth that’s dropped in a pot and cooked but removed before the dish is finished and served. It’s usually parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary, give or take an herb or two.

  4. you are the exact same way as I am about planning trips.

    I’ve never been to France but when I do, I’ll be using that site you recommend.

    Okay, now onto my bragging. In October we are headed to Ireland for a few days. Check out this little gem we are staying in:

    I love finding little places like this that are small and original. Even when I go to big cities, I don’t like staying in large, sterile hotels.

    • Oh Blues, that looks great. I adore Ireland. Will you have a car? If you’re planning on going to the Dingle Pennisula, go the BACK way…over the mountains. It’s practically goat track, but so worth it. Ask around…someone will tell you the particulars. Have a Guiness for me!

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